Our balanced-flow hoods have a dual function: they extract the fumes and at the same time put a certain amount of fresh air into the actual hood, thereby creating an airflow (induction) that draws the fumes towards the filters. The airflow is balanced partly in the hood and partly in the environment, with up to 90% air make-up to replace exhausted air. The kitchen therefore has a slightly negative pressure in respect of adjacent rooms.

The KlimaKucina balanced flow system is the answer!


  • The air put into the kitchen is taken from unpolluted areas and is filtered: certainty of perfect hygiene.
  • The kitchen may be heated or cooled simply through the air put into the room, with obvious energy saving and easier control.
  • The air put into the environment is suitably distributed. High rates of airflow and draughts that are bothersome¬†for operators are thus avoided, indeed air put into the hood (induction) has not passed through the kitchen.