Superb airflow control!

With the Suspended Extraction Ceiling, the professional kitchen becomes a versatile, attractive and well-organized environment. The equipment may be freely positioned without the severe restrictions created by conventional hoods. What’s more, since the hoods themselves are eliminated there is also more freedom and safety of movement, improved quality in the perception of the spaces and therefore more possibilities of methods of working and handling. Architectural barriers may be removed and with the wall-to-wall installation there is total extraction and air-conditioning throughout the kitchen, with lower air capture velocity and a more even, comfortable, low-noise and healthy climate. The TMI suspended extraction ceiling can extract the greasy fumes coming from cooking blocks and also make-up the air removed from the environment with suitably filtered and treated fresh air. All the processes are carried out simultaneously.

A large area of extraction is obtained with the inertial filters, which are an effective anti-flame barrier and convey the air through stages of compression and expansion with a high degree of fat/grease separation (up to 70%).

Great aspiration and….

TMI uses only absolutely reliable materials and parts in its manufacturing processes.
TMI follows the whole production cycle from the study through to the design, manufacture, installation, testing and also maintenance instructions.
The air in the room is taken up through inertial filters housed inside trapezoidal shaped suction housings (entirely in 8/10 thick AISI 304 stain-less steel with scotch-brite surface finish, less steel with scotch- brite surface finish, assembled by welding with flanging of all internal corners and with standard fitting of drain plug on the bottom).
The Various Filter housings are connected together by means of a hidden network of ducts (in galvanised plate) above the extraction ceiling like the connection of the various input plenums.
The inertial filters have been given specific fire certification, which certifies their efficiency against flame propagation. They have a variable efficiency, which increases as the size of the particles to be filtered increases.

Example: with front speed = 1.5 m/sec:

Clear ideas in the kitchen!

The right light in the kitchen is essential

Having the ideal light means working in all safety and improving the quality of work. The “kitchen team” will know how to make the most of their creativity so that each job becomes dynamic and highly satisfying.
The light distribution design has an exceptional ally in the suspended extraction ceiling because it allows the lights to be fitted and positioned in the panels. There is a choice of various types of light and diffused light strength to create the perfect illumination for your kitchen.